New community of practice releases

Please feel free to use, edit releases about two new communities of practice that are now public on the eXtension site.

Niche Meat Processing Is New Feature on National Cooperative Extension Web Site

New Web Resource Helps U.S. Goat Producers

Lynette Spicer, Virtual News Room

Communications & Marketing News

280 news releases posted during March 2009

Source of news releases–sorted in descending order

U of Illinois    27
North Dakota State    26
U of Arkansas    24
U of Minnesota    16
Iowa State    16
Ohio State    13
Alabama Cooperative Extension    13
U of Kentucky    12
Purdue    12
Oklahoma State and Langston University    12
Kansas State    11
South Dakota State    10
U of Nebraska    8
U of Georgia    8
Texas Cooperative Extension     8
Oregon State    7
Penn State    6
New Mexico State    6
Utah State     5
Montana State    5
U of Missouri    4
Mississippi State    4
Clemson    4
U of California    3
Louisiana State    3
Florida Cooperative Extension     3
Virginia Cooperative Extension     2
Michigan State    2
Washington State    1
U of Rhode Island    1
U of Nevada    1
Alaska Sea Grant    1
other sources    5
original releases    1
Total     280

Sorted by resource area (community of practice)
Horticulture    41
Personal Finance    39
Corn, soybeans    25
Disasters    21
Beef Cattle    20
Entrepreneurship    19
Parenting     19
Horses    16
Dairy Cattle    14
Family Caregiving     12
Fitness    12
Ag energy    9
Science    6
Cotton Industry    5
Animal Manure Management    4
Wildfires    4
Organic production    3
Wildlife Damage M    2
Diversity    2
Geospatial    2
Fire Ants    1
Goats    1
Drinking water    1
Land use planning    1
Financial crisis 1 (typically these are counted in another category but this one didn’t get tagged for any other CoP—just in case that helps explain the lonely number.)

Communications & Marketing Information News

News release you may use about Feb. 20 manure management Webcast

Use this release as is. Modify it by quoting an expert from your institution. The release is at the top of news releases in the animal manure management resource area.
The headline is ‘Nitrogen Conservation in Animal Housing is Free Webcast Topic Feb. 20